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REMONDIS Production
  • A home for us, a home for top quality recycled raw materials

    • REMONDIS Production is based at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant – the largest industrial recycling centre in Europe. Both the technologies and products found at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant clearly demonstrate that running a successful, cost-effective business and running an environmentally friendly business are not mutually exclusive. Covering a surface area the size of Monaco, the Lippe Plant transforms around 1.4 million tonnes of residual materials into approx. 0.9 million tonnes of raw materials and products every year. What’s more, it also generates 336,900 megawatt hours (as in 2018) of energy – i.e. electricity, steam and compressed air – from non-fossil fuels each year.

    • Take a look at the website dedicated entirely to REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant

  • Not only products are created here, but jobs as well

    • REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant is located on the grounds of a former aluminium factory, which REMONDIS took over in 1993 and then gradually transformed into a recycling centre. More than 400 million euros have been invested in the site since then to ensure that it has developed efficiently. A development that has also created jobs for a large number of people, who are all working to promote recycling and curb climate change. While the workforce numbered 470 employees at the time of the takeover, there are already more than 1,400 people employed there today. A figure that continues to steadily rise.

    • Besides its head office at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant, REMONDIS Production also has other business locations across Germany

  • A perfect infrastructure – inside and outside the grounds

    REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant has excellent links to all forms of transport. A port on the Datteln-Hamm canal, extensive direct rail connections, its central location within the German motorway network and its proximity to Dortmund Airport all ensure that the companies and the facilities can be easily accessed by all, no matter which form of transport they choose to take. The infrastructure inside the Lippe Plant also leaves nothing to be desired. It provides all of the firms at the site with quick and easy access to a wide range of processes to enable them to recover raw materials, generate energy and produce a whole variety of goods. What’s more, they are able to make the most of the on-site services – from energy supply and wastewater treatment, to the nearby laboratory, all the way through to the plant’s own security team and fire brigade.

    REMONDIS Production’s head office is located in the main administration building at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant

  • Everything in the safest of hands

    REMONDIS Production has a separate business division dedicated entirely to facility management. Its tasks cover the renting out, leasing out and management of all the buildings and areas of land at the Lippe Plant as well as real estate beyond its gates. REMONDIS offers its 23 tenants at the Lippe Plant a comprehensive range of services – the majority of which have to do with supply and waste management. Two separate water networks supply the companies with drinking water and raw water. In addition, REMONDIS operates two gas networks, two steam networks, a compressed air network and several electricity networks.

    REMONDIS Production is responsible for managing, maintaining, servicing and cleaning the Lippe Plant’s grounds (approx. 230 hectares) including many of its buildings and facilities as well as 80 hectares of land around the site

  • A full range of services for all those on site

    REMONDIS Production also offers all the classic facility management services. These include, for example, managing the nine administration buildings at the site (plus all caretaker services), running the weighbridge and the security gatehouse and providing plant security services and a fire brigade as well as changing facilities. REMONDIS’ wide range of services is rounded off with an in-house postal service and a team in charge of maintaining the telephone and IT systems.

  • Industrial operations and environmental protection hand in hand

    When people picture an industrial site, they rarely conjure up the image of the countryside. REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant, however, is located right next to fields and meadows and the unspoiled Lippe wetlands. And, being the firm responsible for managing the site, REMONDIS Production makes sure that the two can live together in harmony. All of the facilities at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant have been equipped with the necessary technology to ensure that the environment and surrounding areas remain unaffected by their work. From the exemplary emission control systems all the way through to the state-of-the-art filter systems to eliminate any unpleasant odours.

    • In perfect harmony: REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant next to the Lippe River and surrounding meadows

  • The only model at the Lippe Plant that’s on its way out: the landfill

    • The plant’s landfill, which is also run by REMONDIS Production, is used for storing waste generated at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant. All of the rules laid down in the Landfill Ordinance [DepV] – including the tougher amendments introduced in 2009 – are, of course, being met at all times. The landfill is divided up into two sections: the old 25-hectare landfill site and the new 20-hectare landfill. In fact, the plant doesn’t really need so much landfill space. And we are doing everything in our power to ensure it remains this way. By working on processes to recycle products even more effectively and sustainably, we are steadily reducing the amount of non-recyclable material left over. Which means fewer substances need to be sent to the landfill. Our medium-term goal is to be able to do without the landfill altogether so that the whole area can be returned to nature.

    • The tenants at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant are, of course, also able to use the landfill

  • Back to nature – where it belongs

    • The old landfill site currently contains 5 million cubic metres of residual material – primarily from metal slag processing and the old aluminium plant. The site is already undergoing the final remediation stage, i.e. it is not accepting any more material and the process of restoring the landfill to grassland is about to begin. This will not only allow the landfill to visually blend in with the landscape, it will also provide a natural habitat for plants and animals.

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