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  • The main thing we produce? Quality

    REMONDIS Production operates in many different fields of business. Besides manufacturing products and raw materials, we also operate in the areas of recycling, analytical work and energy production. Activities that sound very different but that, in fact, merge together to create one unified system. It is precisely this wide range of services and the resulting synergies that make it possible for us to manufacture such marketable products. Our focus here is on using high quality recycled raw materials which we have produced ourselves as well as on developing innovative new primary raw materials. We transform them into branded products which are in high demand across a wide variety of sectors all around the world – in the chemicals industry as well as the food processing and medical technology sectors.

  • Are you looking for some background information?

    Interesting information about how our products and services promote sustainability and benefit society can be found at remondis-lippewerk.de

  • Calcium sulfate in all its forms

    • Being an expert for plaster products, we offer a wide variety of substances and raw materials based on gypsum and anhydrite. Run under the name CASEA, this business produces and sells the full range of goods that can be made from all forms of calcium sulfate. The raw materials that we work with originate from various different sources. We not only mine natural gypsum and natural anhydrite from our own quarries but also produce thermal anhydrite from FGD gypsum – i.e. from the gypsum generated by flue gas desulphurisation facilities at power stations. The calcination of the thermal anhydrite is carried out in a circulating fluidised-bed plant. This process creates extremely pure anhydrites with no water of crystallisation – enabling our customers to produce cost-effective, consistent and stable formulations.

    • Find out more about the company’s portfolio at casea-gips.de

    CASEA’s portfolio also includes natural gypsum and natural anhydrite. These materials are mined from our own quarries

  • ALUMIN – wastewater chemicals with a host of benefits

    • We have developed a highly effective precipitating agent with our sodium aluminate ALUMIN. It has proven to be extremely useful as an efficient and highly effectual substance for eliminating phosphates in wastewater at both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. But that’s not all. ALUMIN has a number of other useful properties as well. Being highly alkaline, it improves nitrification in general and is perfect as a precipitating agent for wastewater with a low acid buffering capacity. What’s more, its high pH value helps protect the machine parts and building materials at sewage treatment plants and industrial cleaning facilities from corrosion. Last but by no means least, ALUMIN is used as a smart raw material in a wide range of industries – for example, as a retention agent by paper producers and as a setting accelerator by the construction sector.

    • Find out more about the product and its uses at alumin.de

  • CASUL – a white pigment with green credentials

    • REMONDIS Production has developed a unique solution in area of white pigments: CASUL. This synthetic white pigment is produced using a patented process, which we developed ourselves, and is used in a wide variety of sectors and production processes; for example, as a paper coating mineral in the paper industry or as a white mineral in the paints and construction chemicals industries. Using this substance in products considerably reduces the need for organic additives and extenders.

    • Find out more about CASUL at casul.de

    With its high water of crystallisation content (ca. 42%) and its high ‘dehydration property’, CASUL acts as a flame retardant when added to paint or wall plaster. Another big advantage offered by CASUL – besides its excellent properties as a white mineral – is that it is a substance that is absolutely safe. Thanks to our white pigments, products can be manufactured without the need for harmful biocides, preservatives or plasticisers.

    Regular checks are carried out to guarantee the quality of the product. Reference samples of each and every batch of CASUL® are taken at the end of a production cycle so that they can be analysed and stored

  • CASUL COLOURS emulsion paints – premium, eco-friendly products

    Emulsion paint is one of our newest business divisions. We have developed a range of products with extraordinarily useful properties that are being sold under the CASUBLANCA brand name. These paints produce excellent results with their high coverage rate, brilliant whiteness and their ability to protect walls against mould. And all this despite the fact that they contain absolutely no solvents and are completely toxic-free. They are able to guarantee a healthy living environment and protect walls at the same time thanks to the ingredient CASUL – a unique white mineral developed and patented by our company.

    • Our CASUBLANCA paints contain CASUL – a natural way to protect walls against mould and discolouring thanks to its high pH value and its high water of crystallisation content.

    • Find out more about our eco-friendly interior and exterior paints at casul-colours.de

  • LEGRAN - Top quality metal slag recycling

    We offer our customers from a wide range of industries an excellent portfolio of metal slag processing services. The metal industry, and especially the high grade steel sector, generates residual materials that contain considerable volumes of high quality metal alloys. It would be such a waste to simply dispose of this material – especially as it is perfect for our metal slag processing division. By offering these services to our customers, we are able to recover thousands of tonnes of nickel alloys and other metal alloys every year. Our source materials here include metal slag as well as spent refractories.

    • From slag (here in this picture) to spent refractories – we recover everything of value

    • The ins and outs of recycling metal slag can be found at legran.de

  • Energy self-sufficient thanks to our own power station

    • It is a simple fact that production sites need energy. REMONDIS Production really is leading the way here as well. We produce the electricity, process steam, compressed air and heat for our production facilities ourselves. Using an extremely environmentally friendly system. To be able to do this, we operate our own fluidised-bed power station at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant that supplies the whole of the site with energy and is fired almost entirely on refuse-derived fuels. In other words: energy is only produced from non-recyclable waste that must be disposed of anyway. Residual materials from the animal rendering plant for example. All in all, the power plant has been designed and equipped with the necessary technology to enable it to incinerate all forms of waste – from liquid, to solid, to free-flowing material.

    • Find out more about the power station at lippewerk-kraftwerk.de

  • UCL’s environmental analyses – the measure of all things

    • No matter whether it involves soil, water, air or waste – nothing gets past our environmental analysts. We are able to provide the whole range of analytical services thanks to Umwelt Control Labor (UCL) – the place to go to whenever environmental analysis work has to be carried out and samples taken, documented, monitored and evaluated. UCL’s customers appreciate and value its wide-ranging portfolio of services, cutting-edge facilities and highly qualified staff.

    • Find out more about UCL’s environmental, waste, drinking water and air analysis work at ucl-labor.de

    Extensive expertise and state-of-the-art systems: UCL offers top quality environmental and material analysis work

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